Customize Your Product

[ Modular Supplies - Configured ]

For single, dual or triple output supplies, PPI Power, Inc. engineering will provide the support you need to turn your specifications into a fully compliant modular power supply sub-system. Using this simplified approach; PPI Power, Inc. can provide this service with little or no NRE charges. Usually all that is required is a printed circuit board, mechanical enclosure and I/O scheme.

[ Discrete Supplies ]

Contact PPI Power, Inc. for a quotation on your custom (discrete) power supply solution. NRE charges vary, depending on the magnitude of effort. First article units can typically be available within 10 - 14 weeks.

[ Customized Modules ]

Don't see what you are looking for here? Contact PPI Power, Inc. to discuss the possibility of whether one of our standard modules can be tailored specifically for your application.

[ Technical Support ]

PPI Power, Inc. engineering provides technical support at no charge for complete DO-160 compliance testing for all configurables and custom discrete supplies they engineer.