March 2014


By PPI Power

PPI Power

Pacific Precision Instruments, Inc. Press Announcement

San Diego, CA – Pacific Precision Instruments, Inc., an innovator in airborne power supplies and power converter modules, announced today that is has rebranded and changed their name. Effective April 1, 2014, Pacific Precision Instruments, Inc. will begin operating under PPI Power, Inc.

The rebranded name and logo are now consistent with the company’s domain name, ppipower.com, in addition to how its products and services are perceived as the best known in the industry it serves. The rebranding is the positive outcome of the company’s broadening footprint in the USA, unprecedented sales growth and increasing recognition. It also coincides with an exciting time for the company – its 20th year anniversary and the expansion into a significantly larger manufacturing facility.

“Rebranding the name to PPI Power, Inc. reflects on the evolution of the company and on our primary focus – power conversion.” said Jim Haig, CEO of PPI Power. “Our goal is to help our customers best identify with our products and to make our power supplies and modules the best and most reliable in the industry.”

PPI Power modules simplify the task for design engineers when it comes to the embedded power supply part of their units and systems, replacing an otherwise tedious and expensive design and development process with an off-the-shelf modular approach. Efficient, reliable and compliant embedded power supplies can be configured in weeks versus months, usually with significant cost savings.