Safety & Reliability Information

PPI Power, Inc. strives to assure every product we ship is reliable and safe. In order to achieve this goal PPI Power, Inc. has adopted guidelines and procedures that begin in the individual product design stage and carry forward until the final unit is shipped. A representative list of some of these guidelines and procedures are summarized below.

[ Design Standards ]

A comprehensive thermal analysis and component stress evaluation is performed early in the design phase to assure that each component selected is always operating well within the published SOA and that they meet the stringent derating criteria of industry standard D6-55583 within the particular application. Components are chosen from well established and reliable manufactures and require 100% traceability. Supply and module circuit boards are designed in accordance with IPC2221 standards with special attention paid to copper trace dimensions and clearance distances in order to assure safe current carrying capacity and proper voltage isolation. Designs are meticulously validated during the development stage with emphasis placed on what-if scenarios, component tolerance extremes and special environmental stress testing.

[ EMI Suppression Capacitors ]

All across-the-line and line-to-earth EMI suppression capacitors used within PPI Power, Inc. products are appropriately rated at X2 and Y2/X1 respectively.

[ Fusing ]

Agency approved (UL, CSA) fuses are incorporated in the input line of each discrete supply PPI Power, Inc. manufactures. Suggested fuse type and locations are included for PPI Power's line of encapsulated modules (external to the module) in the application notes provided.

[ Internal Protection Features ]

PPI Power, Inc. modules and discrete power supplies include overtemperature protection circuitry that assures a safe and orderly shutdown in the event the sensed enclosure temperatures ever exceed the safe design values. Rigorous thermal testing is included in the design verification test stage in order to verify the thermal protection functions properly prior to any catastrophic component failures.

[ MTBF Calculations and Reports ]

Mean time between failure calculations are performed on all PPI Power, Inc. products in accordance with RIAC 217Plus using the Aircraft Inhabited Cargo (Aic) category. Individual MTBF reports can be tailored specific to your application and can be furnished upon request.

[ Hipot Testing ]

Primary to chassis and primary to secondary (if applicable) hipot screening is performed at 1500Vac / 60 second test duration on a 100% basis for all supplies and modules shipped by PPI Power, Inc..

[ Functional Testing ]

All supplies and modules are functionally tested on a 100% basis using PPI Power's automated test systems prior to shipment. Functional testing includes a comprehensive and complete set of electrical tests that assure that every product delivered meets or exceeds the published specifications. Test data sheets are archived electronically and can be furnished upon request.

[ Burn-in Screening ]

All PFC modules PPI Power, Inc. delivers are subjected to operational burn-in screening for a minimum of 24-hours prior to final functional testing. Contact for information regarding burn-in screening for other PPI Power, Inc. products.

[ Quality Conformance, Configuration and Inspection ]

PPI Power, Inc. adheres to a comprehensive and proven set of procedures for quality, configuration and inspection that assure reliability and repeatability. This topic is so important at PPI Power, Inc. an entire section of this web page has been dedicated to it. Click on Quality Procedures for more detail.