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Providing line rectification, minimized input current harmonic distortion, active inrush current limiting and near unity power factor; the 80751 series PFC boost converter modules are ideal for avionics' applications where power demands are in the 25 - 75W range.

When configured with one or more off-the-shelf DC/DC converter modules, avionics' power supplies can be easily designed and tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Several options are available including -E (enhanced), -RL (reduced leakage current) and -250V (250Vdc output).

  • Wide input frequency range (47 - 800Hz)
  • Low profile (0.5)
  • Subjected to 100% burn-in screening
  • Backed by a 1-year replacement warranty

Part Number Input Output Power Specs
  Voltage Frequency      
80751 97-134 47-800 350Vdc 75W Download
80751-250V 97-134 47-800 250Vdc 75W Download
80751-E-PBF 97-134 47-800 350Vdc 75W Download
80751-RL 97-134 47-800 350Vdc 75W Download
81357-X-LP 97-134 47-800 350Vdc 20-50W Download
81357-X-LPM-PbF 90-134 47-800 350Vdc 30-75W Download