ISO 9001:2015

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ISO 14001:2015

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PPI Power, Inc. is committed to continuously improving the quality of our products, services, and operations for the benefit of all our stakeholders. Further, we are committed to be the first choice of our customers by delivering products and service of uncompromising quality.

To achieve our policy we will:

  • Consistently meet customer, legal and other requirements.
  • Be made available to relevant interested parties.
  • Be regularly reviewed for continuing suitability.
  • Be appropriate to the purpose and context of our organization and supports our strategic direction.
  • Continually improving the Quality Management System, process and service we provide to our customers.
  • Work closely with both our customers and suppliers to establish the highest Quality standards.
  • Acquire, develop and retain a diverse workforce of superior performers.
  • Communicate our Quality Objectives and its performance against these objectives throughout the Organization and to interested parties.
  • Take due care to ensure that activities are safe for employees, associates, and suppliers and others who come into contact with our work.
  • Train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of Quality management.

It is PPI Power, Inc. aim that with the total involvement and understanding of all our staff through the implementation of the documented Quality Management System and complying with the ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D standard, that we will not only meet the expectations of our customers and staff, we will exceed them.

Kristi Dill