ISO 9001:2015

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ISO 14001:2015

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Each power supply and module PPI Power, Inc. manufactures is subjected to a thorough and consistent acceptance test procedure.


  • Each power supply and module PPI Power, Inc. manufactures is subjected to a thorough and consistent acceptance test procedure using PPI Power’s state-of-the-art automated test systems. Test system software is built on National Instrument’s LabView platform and is modularized for streamlining development while maintaining the flexibility necessary to tailor each test specifically to the individual unit’s functional test requirements.

  • Individual test data sheets are computer generated for each serialized unit-under-test and are archived and stored electronically for the purposes of data trending or to provide to customers upon request.


  • PPI Power, Inc. performs operational GO/NO-GO burn-in screening at elevated temperature on all our PFC boost converter modules manufactured prior to performing final functional test. Module baseplate temperatures are maintained at ~55°C for 24-hour burn-in time periods with the intention of detecting infant mortality at the component level or manufacturing defect at the module level.

  • PPI Power, Inc. also offers custom burn-in profiles for our other product lines or tailored specifically to a customer’s requirements. Custom burn-in profiles can be performed with or without units operating and can be performed within ESS chambers or at elevated temperatures only (self heating). Additional per-unit charges may apply.

  • Please contact info@ppipower.com for more information.


  • Verification testing is performed on all new or modified circuit designs. In addition to validating compliance with applicable specifications and requirements, designs are meticulously tested during the development stage with special emphasis placed on what-if scenarios, component tolerance extremes and special environmental stress testing.

  • PPI Power, Inc. has at its disposal an array of state-of-the-art test equipment giving it superior in-house test capability for categories including: EMI, ESS (thermal) and power quality (harmonic distortion). For situations requiring an outside or independent source, PPI Power, Inc. can utilize one of several 3rd part test facilities, certified to the latest airborne standards and specifications, of which PPI Power, Inc. has developed long term relationships.

  • Verification and/or qualification test reports are generated and archived for individual units and may be furnished upon request.


  • PPI Power, Inc., formerly known as Pacific Precision Instruments, Inc. warrants each power supply and module against material defect and workmanship, and will repair any supply or module proven to be defective under normal use at no charge for a period of 1 year.

  • PPI Power, Inc.’s liability under the terms of this warranty is limited to the repair of defective power supplies or modules that have not been damaged through accident, abuse, or misuse.