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Operating from 90-134Vrms, 47-800Hz, the PFCXXW series AC to DC converter modules provide a single isolated low voltage output with an integral PFC boost converter input stage / EMI filter that is compliant with the harmonic distortion and power quality requirements of aeronautics specification RTCA/DO-160E for category A(WF) equipment.

When configured with a just a handful of peripheral components, these modules provide a simple solution for your 20-100W airborne applications. See individual datasheets for details.

  • Low profile (0.75" height) silicon based encapsulated construction
  • Wide input range (90-134Vrms at 47-800Hz)
  • Internally fault protected
  • Hold-up time easily expanded
  • Backed by a 1-year replacement warranty

Part Number Input Output Power Specs
  Voltage Frequency      
PFC40W-28V-PBF 96-134 47-800 28Vdc/1.55A 40W Download
PFC40W-12VPN-PBF 96-134 47-800 12Vdc/3.33A 40W Download
PFC50W-12VPN-PBF 96-134 47-800 12Vdc/4.6A 55W Download
PFC50W-28VPN-PBF 96-134 47-800 28Vdc/1.8A 50W Download
PFC50W-SYNC-3.3V 90-134 47-800 3.3Vdc/15A 50W Download
PFC50W-5V-PBF 96-134 47-800 5Vdc/10A 50W Download
PFC75W-12VPN-PBF 96-134 47-800 12Vdc/6.2A 75W Download
PFC80W-5V-PBF 96-134 47-800 5Vdc/16A 80W Download
PFC85W-24VPN-PBF 96-134 47-800 24Vdc/3.6A 85W Download
PFC100W-12VPNE-PBF 96-134 47-800 12Vdc/8.4A 100W Download
PFC100W-12VPN-PBF 96-134 47-800 12Vdc/8.4A 100W Download
PFC100W-28V 96-134 47-800 28Vdc/3.6A 100W Download
PFC120W-12VPN-PBF 96-134 47-800 12Vdc/10A 120W Download
PFC200W-12VPN-PBF 96-134 47-800 12Vdc/16.7A 200W Download