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PPI Power, Inc. offers an array of field-proven discrete power supplies providing from one to six standard output voltages. Each supply is geared for avionic applications meeting the stringent AC input requirements of DO160 and has been subjected to rigorous verification and testing methods in order to assure years of safe and reliable operation.

Extremely stable and efficient; low ripple + noise on each output

Output voltages independently protected against sustained overcurrent and overvoltage fault conditions

  • 200mSec uninterrupted ride though time standard on most models
  • Thermal protection standard on most models
  • 1500Vac, 60Hz primary to chassis and primary to secondary isolation
  • Backed by a 1-year replacement warranty

Part Number Input Output Power Specs
  Voltage Frequency      
AC20W-12V-PBF 97-134 47-800 12Vdc,5Vdc 20W Download
AC20W-12V-500-PBF 97-134 47-800 12Vdc,5Vdc 20W Download
AC20W-48V 97-134 47-800 48Vdc,5Vdc 20W Download
AC25W-12V-PBF 97-134 47-800 12Vdc,5Vdc 25W Download
AC25W-12V-3.3V-PBF 97-134 47-800 12Vdc,3.3Vdc 25W Download
AC30W-48V-PBF 97-134 47-800 48Vdc,5Vdc 30W Download
AC35W-12V-3.3V-PBF 97-134 47-800 12Vdc,3.3Vdc 35W Download
AC40W-12V-PBF 97-134 47-800 12Vdc,5Vdc 40W Download
MS50W-12V-5V-PBF 97-134 47-800 +12Vdc,+5Vdc 50W Download
MS50W-28V-5V-PBF 97-134 47-800 +28Vdc,+5Vdc 50W Download
70050M2-12V-5V-PBF 97-134 47-800 +5Vdc,+12Vdc 66W Download
70050M4 97-134 47-440 3.3Vdc,+/-5Vdc, +/-12Vdc 80W Download
70090AC-28V-5V 97-134 47-800 28Vdc,5Vdc 85W Download
70050M8-1 97-134 47-800 +3.35Vdc, +5.15Vdc, +/-12Vdc 90W Download
MS100W-12VE-5V-500-PBF 97-134 47-800 +12Vdc,+5Vdc 100W Download
70170AC-2-PBF 97-134 47-800 28Vdc 100W Download
70050M5-800 97-134 47-800 +/-5Vdc, +/-12Vdc, +24Vdc, +28Vdc 120W Download
70170AC-28V-5V 97-134 47-800 28Vdc, 5Vdc 120W Download
70125AC-28V-5V-PBF 97-134 47-800 28Vdc, 5Vdc, 5Vstby 125W Download
70125AC-28V-12V-PBF 97-134 47-800 28Vdc, 12Vdc, 5Vstby 125W Download
70125AC-12V-5V-PBF 97-134 47-800 12Vdc, 5Vdc, 5Vstby 125W Download
70150AC-28V-5V 97-134 47-800 28Vdc, 5Vdc 150W Download
70150AC-12V-5V-PBF 97-134 47-800 12Vdc, 5Vdc 162W Download
70170AC-24V 97-134 47-800 24Vdc 170W Download
70170AC-1-PBF 97-134 47-800 28Vdc 170W Download
70170AC-1-V-PBF 97-134 47-800 28Vdc, 5Vdc 170W Download
70050M5 97-134 47-440 +/-5Vdc, +/-12Vdc, +24Vdc, +28Vdc 200W Download
AC260W-29VAB-PBF 96-134 47-800 +29Vdc 260W Download
AC265W-38.7V-PBF 92-134 320-800 +38.7V, +12V_ISO, +12.4V 265W Download
AC280W-12V-12VF-PBF 97-134 47-800 +12Vdc, +12VF, +5Vstby 280W Download
AC300W-28V-12V-PBF 97-134 47-800 +28Vdc, +12Vdc, +5.7Vdc, +5Vstby 300W Download
AC370W-24V-PBF 97-134 47-800 24Vdc, 7.5Vdc, +/-12Vdc 370W Download